Right before speech therapy, our son who is two years-old, jumps up and down and looks out the window shouting, "Mary-woo, where are you?" He loves his special play time with Marylou. 

At 15 months old, our son was diagnosed with severe speech delay. As parents, we were of course concerned and wanted to start speech therapy immediately. As a former teacher, I know that early intervention is critical and that there is a distinct window in development for language acquisition. We wanted to take advantage of that window. However, I didn't know much about speech therapy beyond that. Marylou sat down with me and clearly explained: his diagnosis, her goals for our son, her plan to achieve them, and gave me helpful ideas and activities that I could do with him outside of his therapy. 

After working with Marylou for a year and a half, our son's speech has improved dramatically. Through her creative and innovative approach to his therapy, Our son has no idea that he is "working". All the while he is making things with play doh, putting puzzles together, playing games, he is also assigning words to objects, stringing words together, and focusing on his pronunciation. And these are tasks that can be very frustrating for him. 

Last month, our son said a completely spontaneous six word sentence to me. It was wonderful! We are so thankful for all of Marylou's help and guidance.